First Pyramid Workout

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Duration: 0:31:00
  • AVG: 65 %FTP
  • MIN: 50 %FTP
  • MAX: 90 %FTP
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Description of workout

A pyramidal workout is one of the interesting training. You will work in 1, 2, 3, and 4 zones during it. Keep the same cadence; this way, you will learn to overcome different slopes of the hills at the same cadence.

Key points:
- Constant cadence
- Stable position

Easy pedaling with a usual cadence (90 - 100 rpm).

Main part - Pyramid
This part includes four steps of ramp up to 90 % FTP intensity and then three steps of rump down back to low intensity.

Cool down
Easy pedaling with a usual cadence (90 - 100 rpm) for better recovery.

Workout instructions

Time from start Show time Text
0:00:10 0:00:05 Welcome to the workout called Pyramid.
0:00:50 0:00:08 We will begin with a warm-up to loosen the legs
0:00:58 0:00:10 This workout is not going to be like any other that you have done so far.
0:02:00 0:00:08 There are several levels of intensity in this workout.
0:03:00 0:00:06 You ascend up and then down, like a pyramid
0:04:00 0:00:10 Throughout the workout, try to maintain a consistent cadence (90 rpm).
0:04:40 0:00:06 The first block is coming up - it's not that hard
0:05:40 0:00:05 Not that hard so far
0:06:30 0:00:10 You should still be able to talk at this intensity. You are still warming up.
0:07:00 0:00:07 After a minute it will get more difficult.
0:08:05 0:00:05 Second increase, let's do it!
0:09:20 0:00:05 Again, this is a three-minute interval
0:10:40 0:00:10 After this, you still have two more challenging sections before the resistance decreases.
0:11:05 0:00:06 This should feel challenging but still sustainable.
0:12:00 0:00:06 Focus on your cadence! Try to keep it around 90-95 rpm
0:12:40 0:00:05 You are doing great!
0:13:00 0:00:08 Do not forget to drink enough! Dehydration can reduce performance.
0:13:40 0:00:05 The hardest part is about to start
0:14:30 0:00:06 This is the hardest part of today's workout.
0:14:36 0:00:05 Give it your all!
0:16:00 0:00:05 You are almost there - you got this!
0:16:55 0:00:05 Last 5 seconds!
0:18:00 0:00:08 The resistance has decreased. But this is not the end of the session
0:19:00 0:00:05 Last hard minute! Hammer it home!
0:19:55 0:00:04 5...4...3...2...1...
0:21:00 0:00:05 It's getting easier now...
0:22:00 0:00:05 ...and easier.
0:23:00 0:00:10 Gradually reduce your intensity and focus on your recovery, breathing and heart rate.
0:24:30 0:00:08 This workout will help you maintain a higher level of intensity in your training.
0:26:00 0:00:07 There were a lot of changes in resistance.
0:28:00 0:00:10 You only have three minutes to cool down but you can go longer for better recovery.
0:28:08 0:00:05 This part will aid your recovery
0:30:50 0:00:10 Take a recovery day, as the next workout will be challenging!


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