Fat burner 1

START EASY 30 min and go
Duration: 0:35:00
  • AVG: 69 %FTP
  • MIN: 65 %FTP
  • MAX: 75 %FTP
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Description of workout

Easy Zone 2 training workouts improve your performance and are part of your successful endurance training goals. A necessary adaptation from this training is using fat more efficiently. Zone 2 training is a great way to begin with the Fat Burner 1 steady workout to a maximum of 75% of your Functional Threshold Power and burn fat as a fuel source.

Workout instructions

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0:00:10 0:00:15 Welcome to the fifth workout of this plan called "Fat burner".
0:00:40 0:00:20 Today, you will not go above 75% of your FTP. So you don't have to warm up for too long.
0:01:30 0:00:30 During the whole session, maintain a steady cadence of around 85-90 RPM and focus on maintaining proper pedalling form.
0:02:30 0:00:10 You are in the middle of your warm-up. Keep going.
0:03:10 0:00:08 Focus on your breathing and power through through the burn.
0:04:56 0:00:06 Let's take it up a notch.
0:05:30 0:00:10 This should feel challenging but still sustainable.
0:06:30 0:00:15 Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water with electrolytes to replenish the fluids lost during your workout.
0:07:45 0:00:15 You can raise cadence to 90-95 during harder parts of your training!
0:10:05 0:00:10 Now it's time to take it easy.
0:10:20 0:00:20 Gradually reduce your intensity and focus on recovering your breathing and heart rate.
0:12:00 0:00:15 Use this time to relax and enjoy the beauty of New Zealand's nature.
0:13:30 0:00:10 This workout represents endurance in a hilly terrain.
0:13:58 0:00:08 Another harder part coming up in 1 minute!
0:15:20 0:00:10 Focus on your cadence! Try to keep it around 90-95 RPM.
0:17:30 0:00:10 Come on! You are in the middle of this session!
0:20:10 0:00:10 You are doing great! Let's do one more!
0:22:30 0:00:25 Repeat the interval sequence one more time for a total of three rounds. Use this interval to burn fat and stay fit.
0:24:00 0:00:30 Pay attention to your form: Maintaining good form is crucial. Try to keep your upper body relaxed but stable, engage your core, and pedal with a smooth and fluid motion.
0:26:00 0:00:10 Are you now in a good rhythm?
0:27:30 0:00:10 You're in the middle of the last interval!
0:29:00 0:00:10 It's the last minute! You can do it!
0:30:10 0:00:10 Great job! You pushed yourself hard and made it through!
0:31:00 0:00:15 Enjoy the view of the stunning scenery in front of you during the cooldown.
0:32:10 0:00:20 Focus on taking deep breaths to oxygenate your body and clear your mind. Relax your shoulders and release any tension.
0:33:30 0:00:20 I hope you enjoyed today's workout. I'll be looking forward to seeing you next time.
0:34:30 0:00:10 Remember to clean your bike regularly to protect it from the sweat.


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