Rolling hills

Get in shape by SNDC Endurance
Duration: 0:55:00
  • AVG: 66 %FTP
  • MIN: 55 %FTP
  • MAX: 75 %FTP
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Description of workout

This session is designed to improve low to midrange power delivery. The aerobic intensities vary in this session to optimize aerobic fat and carbohydrate consumption. Keep your cadence in a comfortable range.

Workout instructions

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0:01:00 0:00:08 Today you are going to work on your endurance by riding in the hills.
0:02:00 0:00:09 These hills are simulated by gradually increasing and then decreasing your resistance.
0:03:00 0:00:08 There will be four of these parts, which will increase and then decrease.
0:04:00 0:00:08 This session is designed to improve low to mid range power delivery.
0:05:00 0:00:10 The aerobic intensities vary throughout this session. This is done to optimise aerobic fat and carbohydrate burning.
0:06:00 0:00:08 Throughout the workout, pedal at a cadence that is comfortable for you.
0:07:00 0:00:07 The recommended cadence is around 90 rpm.
0:08:00 0:00:08 If the resistance feels very hard to you, increase your cadence and it will feel easier.
0:09:00 0:00:09 On the other hand, if you want the resistance to be harder, reduce your pedalling frequency.
0:09:30 0:00:08 In a few seconds the resistance will drop before the first hill.
0:10:40 0:00:06 Get ready for the first increase!
0:12:00 0:00:07 You are currently at 70% of your FTP.
0:12:30 0:00:08 There are two more levels of resistance before you reach the top of the first hill.
0:14:10 0:00:08 You are at 75% of your FTP and that means you have just reached the top!
0:16:00 0:00:08 The resistance will decrease in three steps over the next five minutes.
0:17:00 0:00:08 Any changes in resistance should be sustainable and should not be so hard to achieve.
0:18:00 0:00:08 Maintain a steady pace throughout the workout, even if the resistance decreases.
0:20:00 0:00:07 Now you have two minutes of rest at a lower intensity level.
0:21:30 0:00:07 One minute to the second hill!
0:22:00 0:00:12 This hill is a block of seven minutes at a higher intensity, which slowly increases and decreases in the same way as the first hill.
0:23:00 0:00:06 Remember: Stay hydrated!
0:24:00 0:00:08 When you ride at the endurance zone, you use fat as fuel, which makes you sweat a lot.
0:24:30 0:00:07 And when you sweat, you also lose minerals.
0:25:00 0:00:08 So you need to replace them with some kind of ionic drink.
0:26:00 0:00:08 Now you are at the top and the resistance will only go down.
0:30:00 0:00:08 The second pyramid of higher intensity is now behind you!
0:30:30 0:00:07 It wasn't that difficult, was it?
0:31:00 0:00:08 The third hill will be almost the same as the first two, except for its length.
0:31:30 0:00:08 This will be the longest hill in today's session, lasting 10 minutes.
0:32:00 0:00:06 The resistance is about to rise.
0:33:00 0:00:07 You are currently riding at 70% of your FTP!
0:34:00 0:00:07 Pedal in full circles, keeping your body stable.
0:35:00 0:00:06 You are doing great!
0:36:00 0:00:06 Keep up the pace!
0:37:00 0:00:06 Well done, you are on top!
0:38:30 0:00:07 The resistance is now decreasing.
0:40:00 0:00:06 Only one more hill to go.
0:42:30 0:00:08 Now you can have a bit of a rest before the start of the final hill.
0:43:00 0:00:09 This hill will be slightly different from the others as the resistance will not rise and fall just once.
0:44:00 0:00:07 You should be in a stable position, no rocking.
0:45:30 0:00:06 You're riding like a pro today!
0:46:00 0:00:05 Keep going!
0:47:30 0:00:08 One last increase in the resistance and it's all over!
0:48:30 0:00:06 Stay hydrated: Drink regularly!
0:50:00 0:00:08 Great job! now the resistance only goes down to help you cool down.
0:52:00 0:00:07 Pedal with a cadence that is comfortable to you.
0:53:00 0:00:08 To prevent muscle soreness, you can do some stretching after this workout.
0:54:00 0:00:08 Hope to see you at the next training session in this plan.


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