Mountain strength

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Duration: 1:05:00
  • AVG: 78 %FTP
  • MIN: 55 %FTP
  • MAX: 108 %FTP
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Description of workout

The focus of this session is on your race-specific strength. The neuro-muscular activation is an important part of your power output. Therefore, to keep your cadence in this session in a comfortable range, we recommend 80 - 90 rpm. For the interval bouts with higher intensity, it's important to lower your cadence to 55-65 rpm.

Workout instructions

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0:00:10 0:00:09 Welcome to another challenging workout called Mountain strength!
0:01:00 0:00:09 As the name suggests, this workout will simulate riding in the mountains.
0:02:00 0:00:09 Now you have ten minutes of warming up, keep a cadence that is comfortable for you.
0:03:00 0:00:08 Hope you are well rested to be able to complete this training!
0:04:00 0:00:07 The focus of this session is on your race specific strength.
0:05:00 0:00:08 The activation of the neuro-muscular system is an important part of your performance.
0:05:10 0:00:06 So you are going to work on it today!
0:06:00 0:00:08 As this is a strength workout, you will be working with your cadence.
0:06:30 0:00:08 Each time the interval comes up, reduce your cadence to between 50 and 60 rpm.
0:07:00 0:00:09 By lowering your cadence, you will make the resistance feel harder and you will improve your power output.
0:07:30 0:00:12 If this is too much for you, you can increase your cadence slightly, but remember that you need a low cadence to build strength.
0:09:50 0:00:06 Let's hit the first interval!
0:11:00 0:00:07 You are currently riding at 90% of your FTP.
0:13:00 0:00:08 This stretch lasts for eight minutes and is the longest of the workout.
0:15:00 0:00:05 Keep going!
0:17:00 0:00:05 Low cadence!
0:18:30 0:00:08 Well done! You have just completed the longest interval.
0:19:00 0:00:09 The next three intervals will be progressively shorter in duration, but at a higher level of intensity.
0:19:50 0:00:06 Get ready, the next one is coming!
0:22:00 0:00:06 You are doing great, keep it up!
0:24:00 0:00:05 Stay hydrated!
0:25:30 0:00:07 Come on, just a few more seconds!
0:26:30 0:00:09 Now you have two minutes of rest and then another shorter interval at a higher intensity comes.
0:27:50 0:00:07 Four minutes of high intensity ahead, GO!
0:29:00 0:00:06 You're unstoppable!
0:30:00 0:00:08 Try to breathe steadily and deeply into your diaphragm.
0:31:00 0:00:06 Stay focused for one more minute!
0:32:30 0:00:08 You have the shortest but also the most difficult interval ahead of you.
0:33:00 0:00:06 Catch your breath and let's rock it!
0:34:30 0:00:07 These are painful two minutes, but you've got it!
0:35:00 0:00:06 Keep the cadence low!
0:36:00 0:00:06 You were amazing!
0:36:30 0:00:06 Now you can rest for longer.
0:37:00 0:00:10 Now you will do four intervals in the same way as the first four, with a decrease in time and an increase in intensity.
0:37:10 0:00:07 But this time the intervals will be shorter.
0:38:10 0:00:10 This is a pretty painful workout, isn't it?
0:38:20 0:00:07 But a little muscle soreness won't stop you!
0:40:00 0:00:08 Watch your posture, even during hard workouts like this one.
0:42:00 0:00:08 Keep your body stable and engage your core muscles.
0:43:00 0:00:08 This will help you when the intensity gets even tougher.
0:44:00 0:00:06 You are doing great!
0:46:00 0:00:07 Even if you are out of breath, do not forget to drink.
0:47:00 0:00:07 Recommended opinion: Ionic mineral drink
0:48:00 0:00:05 Keep up the pace!
0:49:00 0:00:05 You've got this!
0:50:00 0:00:07 Focus on pedalling in full circles at a low cadence.
0:52:00 0:00:08 At the moment you have six intervals down and two more to go!
0:53:00 0:00:08 Your legs are probably on fire by now, but you know you can do it.
0:55:00 0:00:05 Push harder!
0:56:00 0:00:06 Don't give up, you're almost there!
0:58:00 0:00:09 When you ride indoors, you sweat a lot more than usual, so remember to replenish all the minerals you lose.
0:58:20 0:00:07 Now rest a bit and then only the last interval remains.
0:59:30 0:00:07 These are the last intense seconds, GO GO GO!
1:01:00 0:00:07 You did it like a pro! You should be very proud of yourself!
1:02:00 0:00:07 Now only cool down left, don't underestimate this part!
1:03:00 0:00:08 After such a hard workout, don't forget to eat a meal rich in carbohydrates.
1:04:00 0:00:07 Looking forward to the next training session with you!


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