Race Fitness simulation

Get in shape by SNDC Sweetspot/Tempo
Duration: 1:15:00
  • AVG: 76 %FTP
  • MIN: 55 %FTP
  • MAX: 96 %FTP
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Description of workout

This session develops your power output at your race pace. Optimized muscle activation and lactate metabolism at your FTP will be essential for your performance development. Vary your cadence in this session in your suitable range.

Workout instructions

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0:00:10 0:00:08 Welcome to the ninth session of this plan called Race Fitness simulation.
0:01:00 0:00:07 Hope you enjoyed the whole SNDC Endurance Training Plan.
0:02:00 0:00:07 So let's do the last training of this plan!
0:03:00 0:00:09 As you are used to from previous sessions, we will start with four steps as a warm-up.
0:04:00 0:00:08 This will help you to get your breath going before the higher intensity parts.
0:05:00 0:00:07 You have a total of five intervals.
0:06:00 0:00:08 They will be in the range of 88 % to 96 % of your FTP speed.
0:07:00 0:00:08 They will become shorter and shorter as they increase in intensity.
0:08:00 0:00:08 You should be warmed up enough by now, so let's start with the first interval.
0:10:00 0:00:08 This interval is 12 minutes in length, so don't overdo it at the beginning.
0:11:00 0:00:08 If you want to focus on strength training, reduce your cadence to 60rpm.
0:12:00 0:00:08 Otherwise, keep your pedalling frequency in a comfortable range.
0:15:00 0:00:07 You're already halfway through the interval.
0:16:00 0:00:08 At this level of intensity you should feel out of breath, but not breathless.
0:18:00 0:00:08 You will have some time to rest in between the intervals.
0:19:00 0:00:08 You will have the rest period if you maintain your pace for another two minutes.
0:21:30 0:00:08 Good job, now you have 4 minutes to have a bit of a rest.
0:23:00 0:00:08 Engage your core and pedal in full circles. Your second block on the way!
0:24:00 0:00:08 The next interval will last ten minutes, but be prepared for the higher resistance.
0:25:00 0:00:05 GO!
0:26:00 0:00:06 Great pace, keep it up!
0:28:00 0:00:08 Today's session will develop your power output at your race pace.
0:28:30 0:00:10 So this is not a workout for everyone...
0:28:40 0:00:08 ...but you are doing a very good job of dealing with the intensity.
0:30:00 0:00:07 Last five minutes ahead!
0:34:30 0:00:06 30 seconds...
0:35:30 0:00:07 Two intervals down, three to go.
0:37:00 0:00:07 You are almost halfway to the finish line!
0:38:00 0:00:08 The last intervals are always the most painful, but you can do it!
0:38:30 0:00:07 Let's go smash another interval!
0:40:00 0:00:08 Keep your body stable and engage your core muscles.
0:41:00 0:00:08 The resistance is gradually increasing. This will bring you closer to the race pace.
0:42:00 0:00:09 These intervals optimise your lactate metabolism, which will help you improve your performance.
0:43:00 0:00:07 You are half way through this interval.
0:45:00 0:00:06 Keep up the good work!
0:46:00 0:00:05 You've got this!
0:47:30 0:00:07 Spin out your legs for the next four minutes.
0:48:00 0:00:08 Don't forget to replenish all the water and minerals lost through sweating.
0:49:00 0:00:08 This is the perfect time to drink an ionic drink or plain water when you're resting.
0:50:00 0:00:08 Your legs may burn as the resistance will already be at 94% of your FTP.
0:50:55 0:00:01 5...
0:50:56 0:00:01 4...
0:50:57 0:00:01 3...
0:50:58 0:00:01 2...
0:50:59 0:00:01 1...
0:52:00 0:00:08 Keep your breathing steady and breathe both through your nose and mouth.
0:53:00 0:00:06 You're doing great!
0:54:00 0:00:06 Push hard!
0:55:00 0:00:07 Maintain the pace for another two minutes!
0:57:30 0:00:10 These four minutes of recovery will allow your heart rate to drop and prepare you for your last four minute block.
0:58:00 0:00:08 In your last high-intensity block, don't forget to drink.
0:59:00 0:00:08 An electrolyte drink will replenish lost salts and minerals due to fluid loss.
1:00:30 0:00:06 Let's start the last block.
1:01:00 0:00:05 Go for it!
1:03:00 0:00:06 You get better every second!
1:04:00 0:00:06 Last minute ahead!
1:05:30 0:00:06 Great job! Well done!
1:06:00 0:00:08 All the intensity is done, but the training is not over yet.
1:08:00 0:00:08 Now you can enjoy a cooldown that is just as important as the intervals themselves.
1:09:00 0:00:06 Pedal easy for the next six minutes.
1:10:00 0:00:08 Your cool down will flush out the lactic acid and improve your ability to recover.
1:11:00 0:00:08 Enjoy it and use the time to relax after a hard training session.
1:12:00 0:00:07 As you rode at race pace today, take a few days off.
1:14:00 0:00:08 Recover well and looking forward to the next workout with you!


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