First Contrast Workout

Duration: 0:29:50
  • AVG: 65 %FTP
  • MIN: 55 %FTP
  • MAX: 105 %FTP
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Description of workout

Today we will use the contrast of strength and explosiveness.

The workout is focused on developing strength and neuromuscular activity. In this workout, focus on efficient power transfer to the pedals. Pay attention to a stable position on the bike (without pecking and movements of the trunk and head) and precise movement of the ankles during pedaling.

Key points
Stable position
Precise movement
Variability of cadence

Recommended periodization
Once a month, after rest day

Easy three steps to 70% of FTP (cadence 100 rpm)

Main part - Contrast intervals
You will start with moderate 3 minutes of strength blocks on 87% FTP every interval (60 rpm). The main point of this block is low cadence and precisely pedaling. After the strength block will be followed by 25 seconds sprint with a high cadence (+110 rpm). Between the intervals will be recovery periods with relaxed pedaling around 90-100 rpm.

Cool down
Easy pedaling (90 - 100 rpm) for better recovery.

Workout instructions

Time from start Show time Text
0:00:10 0:00:08 Welcome to the eighth workout of this plan called "Contrast Workout".
0:00:50 0:00:07 I hope you're well rested and ready for today's workout.
0:01:30 0:00:08 Now you have three three-minute warm-up intervals ahead of you.
0:02:30 0:00:10 This warm-up is designed to wake your body up and get it ready for the more difficult part of the workout.
0:03:30 0:00:06 This workout contrasts strength with explosiveness.
0:04:30 0:00:07 The main part focuses on developing strength and neuromuscular activity.
0:05:00 0:00:08 Throughout the hard part, focus on transferring power efficiently to the pedals.
0:06:00 0:00:06 Let's take a look at what's in store for you today.
0:06:20 0:00:08 You start with moderate 3 minute strength blocks at 87% FTP each interval.
0:06:30 0:00:08 The main point of this block is low cadence (60 rpm) and precise pedalling.
0:06:40 0:00:08 This is followed by a 25 second sprint at a high cadence (+110 rpm).
0:06:50 0:00:08 In between the intervals are recovery periods with relaxed pedalling at 90-100 rpm.
0:08:00 0:00:05 The last minute of the warm-up!
0:09:00 0:00:05 Let's do it!
0:11:10 0:00:08 Focus on your breathing and prepare to go all-out in less than a minute.
0:11:55 0:00:05 5...4...3..2...1...
0:12:00 0:00:05 GO! GO! GO!
0:12:40 0:00:05 Awesome!
0:13:40 0:00:07 Now you have some time to catch your breath and rest a little.
0:15:15 0:00:06 Final tough part of today's training ahead, get to work!
0:16:00 0:00:06 When pedalling, try to move your ankles precisely.
0:17:00 0:00:05 You are doing great, keep it up!
0:18:10 0:00:07 Take a last sip of your water and prepare to go all out.
0:18:20 0:00:07 Do not give up and keep pedalling until the very last second.
0:18:45 0:00:05 5...4...3...2...1...
0:20:00 0:00:07 You did great! Now you need to cool down. Don't skip this part!
0:22:00 0:00:08 Make sure to stretch after this workout and give your body time to recover by taking rest days.
0:25:00 0:00:07 Keep your cadence at around 90 rpm and just enjoy your last few minutes on the bike.
0:27:00 0:00:08 Did you know that High-intensity workouts can be a time-efficient way to improve your cycling performance?
0:29:00 0:00:07 I hope you enjoyed this session! See you next time for "Threshold" workout


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