Tempo Cruisin'

Sweetspot/Tempo 30-60 min and go
Duration: 0:48:00
  • AVG: 73 %FTP
  • MIN: 48 %FTP
  • MAX: 89 %FTP
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Description of workout

Are you a pacing enthusiast who likes to pull the group along and constantly pick up his pace? Then this workout is for you. Give it a try and see your pacing skills improve. Both main sets of intervals go at 95 rpm.

TIP: Workouts are the ideal way to maximize the impact of your training time. However it's important to always warm up before a workout. If you want a longer warm-up than the one in this workout, ride a short easy route in Just Ride mode and then jump into the workout.

Workout instructions

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0:00:10 0:00:08 Welcome to today's workout in the Keep it fun with ROUVY plan!
0:01:00 0:00:08 Hope you will enjoy today's workout as much as the name of the plan suggests.
0:02:00 0:00:09 Are you a pacing enthusiast who likes to pull the group along and constantly pick up his pace?
0:02:30 0:00:07 Then this workout is made for you!
0:03:00 0:00:07 This workout will improve your pace skills.
0:03:30 0:00:08 The highest resistance you will be riding at today is 89%, so it will not be an intense workout.
0:04:00 0:00:08 The resistance will change irregularly with rest period in the middle of the session.
0:05:00 0:00:08 The resistance has already increased to 70%, stay focused.
0:06:00 0:00:08 Keep your cadence at around 95 rpm for the entire duration of the workout.
0:07:00 0:00:08 It is ideal to include this type of training in your training schedule at least once a month.
0:07:30 0:00:08 The ability to ride at tempo pace is good for riding in large groups.
0:08:00 0:00:08 But even if you don't ride in groups, it's important to have good stamina.
0:08:10 0:00:07 Resistance just dropped slightly.
0:08:20 0:00:08 After a few minutes at this intensity, the resistance will only increase until the rest period.
0:09:00 0:00:07 The first increase is here!
0:11:00 0:00:08 It is extremely important to have a good body posture during these intervals.
0:11:30 0:00:07 Stay relaxed, elbows slightly bent, shoulders down.
0:12:00 0:00:07 You should be in a stable position, no rocking.
0:12:30 0:00:07 Keep a light hold on the bars and pedal in full circles.
0:16:00 0:00:07 Do not forget: Drink enough!
0:16:30 0:00:10 An electrolyte drink with plenty of minerals is the best option.
0:17:00 0:00:07 Last increase before rest in two minutes!
0:19:30 0:00:08 You're making progress every second - keep it up!
0:21:00 0:00:08 Keep going at this level of intensity for a few more minutes!
0:24:00 0:00:05 Great job!
0:24:30 0:00:08 You now have five minutes' rest before the second half.
0:25:00 0:00:07 Remember to take small sips to stay hydrated.
0:26:00 0:00:08 The second part will be in the opposite direction to the first part.
0:27:00 0:00:08 So you will start at 89% and then the resistance will gradually decrease.
0:28:50 0:00:07 Take a deep breath and get ready to go.
0:31:00 0:00:06 You are doing great. Keep it up!
0:33:00 0:00:08 Focus on maintaining a steady pace and breathing rhythm.
0:33:55 0:00:05 5...4...3...2...1...
0:35:00 0:00:08 Try to concentrate on pedalling at a steady pace and keeping a good posture.
0:36:00 0:00:08 Every unnecessary movement can cost you the energy you need.
0:37:00 0:00:07 Another drop in resistance in two minutes!
0:38:00 0:00:06 Remember to drink enough!
0:39:00 0:00:09 An ion supply drink provides the body with water and electrolytes (sodium ions, etc.) lost while sweating.
0:40:00 0:00:09 The resistance has dropped again, which means that you are now riding the last interval.
0:41:00 0:00:07 Last three minutes of tempo ahead!
0:43:00 0:00:06 You are doing great!
0:44:00 0:00:07 Congratulations! You did an excellent job.
0:45:00 0:00:08 Keep your cadence between 90-100rpm for the next few minutes to cool down.
0:46:00 0:00:07 The longer the cool down, the better your recovery will be.
0:47:00 0:00:08 Looking forward to the next workout with you!


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